The e-commerce shipping warehouse for Mömax and XXXLutz was designed and planned together by Arbor Management Consulting and Anzinger Warehouse and Logistics Planning.

Austria-based XXXLutz Group is investing some €90 million in a new e-commerce logistics center in the Erfurter Kreuz industrial zone in Amt Wachsenburg, Germany. The e-commerce shipping warehouse for Mömax and XXXLutz products was jointly designed by Arbor Management Consulting and Anzinger Warehouse and Logistics Planning. “We examined various storage scenarios and worked out an optimal solution concept for the client by combining a fully automated small parts warehouse and a fully automated high-bay pallet warehouse. The use of modern technologies and intelligent systems will optimize processes and ensure efficient warehouse operations,” explains Wolfgang Minarik, Managing Director of Arbor Management Consulting. “Once approved, we then handled the detailed planning and tendering of the hardware and software for the warehouse systems. We also worked out the future target process model for the e-commerce logistics center and issued a tender for the warehouse management system,” adds Gerhard Anzinger, Managing Director of Anzinger Logistik GmbH.

Arbor and Anzinger have been cooperating for years. Bundled expertise and broad skills in logistics consulting and warehouse planning create synergies and form the basis for the development and design of efficient warehousing and logistics solutions.

The project to plan the new e-commerce warehouse of the XXXLutz Group near Erfurt was another milestone in the successful cooperation between the two companies. The large-scale project was conceived, planned and designed jointly, which was followed by a tender for the entire system, including the warehousing and material handling equipment and the required software for warehouse and material flow management. The two companies will provide support throughout the implementation phase until it is handed over to XXXLutz. At the beginning of March, construction began on the 75,000 m² first phase of the large-scale XXXLutz logistics project. It is expected to be completed by late summer 2019. A storage area of 200,000 m² will be built on the 25-hectare site. In addition to storage areas, office and training rooms will be integrated into the new building. The entire project is expected to be complete by 2022. Overall, the Lutz Group will create up to 400 new jobs in the region with this investment.